How It Works

Antibacterial LCD Wipes

Antibacterial LCD wipes are the best way to frequently clean and disinfect the electronic devices that you use every day. We engineered durable wipes and developed an effective antibacterial formula–a combination that makes Screen Vaccine a vital part of staying healthy and germ-free.

Where To Use Antibacterial Wipes

Check It Out!

% bacterial reduction from cleaning with Screen Vaccine wipes
+ different types of bacteria found on phones before cleaning with Screen Vaccine wipes
< types of different bacteria found after cleaning with Screen Vaccine, reduced from 3,000+
0 no presence of Staphylococcus ssp. (Staph Infection) after cleaning with Screen Vaccine wipes

Did You Know

times more germs on phones than a toilet handle
% of social media uses check Facebook while in the bathroom
% people take their phones or tablets into the bathroom with them
times more germs on a computer keyboard than a toilet seat
number of hours cold or flu germs from a sneeze can live on a surface
times over the limit of acceptable bacteria on the average computer keyboard